Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pretty in Pink

Just got some new boats from fluid and have been having a blast in them. The medium Solo My new creek boat (replacement for my broken Jefe) has been great it seems to fit me better volume wise and paddle awesome. I used it on the Black Rock section of clear creek then on the Big South fork the next day. I was a little worried about using a boat I wasn't used to on a harder creek but all lines went well and I felt good all day. The Medium Nemesis is my new playboat It's PINK and also paddles well I had a few awesome days in the Salida Play hole in it. Here are some Pics

I am excited to bring these boats back to the mid and hope to help Fluid gain some popularity there. If you want to try them let me know.

Sturgeon Falls

After the north shore I headed to Sturgeon Falls in Manitoba to do some plaboating. Had a great time and it was nice to do some low consequence boating and to take a break from the creek boat for a while. I played for a couple days on my own then met up with Craig and Steve. By the end of the week we all had the wave pretty dialed in. Here are some of the Photos. Who would have thought that three whitewater boaters could have this much fun in the middle of a lake :)

Craig on Surfers

Me on Surfers Photo By Steve Bletch

Steve on Surfers

For those of you that haven't made it to this great spot it is worth the drive. Not to many places you con surf a big glassy wave in the Middle of a lake.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

North Shore

Hey Everyone, Just got back into WI last Thursday Morning. Miss being out traveling around but am glad to be home and happy to see friends and family I haven't seen in a long time.

Just got all of my favorite pics together and put them up in this post.

My trip started this spring creek boating on the South and North Shore of Lake Superior. This year was the first year that I had done any serious creek boating and I was pretty intimidated starting out but I got hooked up with one of the best crew of boaters I have paddled with. I learned a lot from them and had a great time, Thanks Guys:) . Had a few beat downs and swims and earned myself the nickname of Downtime Tommy Gram but all turned out fine. At the end of this part of the trip I was feeling a lot more comfortable in the creek boat.

Winfrey's Wimper on the Split rock Photo By Chris Baer

Got spun Backwards in the middle of this Slide
Photo By Chris Baer

Ski Jump on the Splitrock
Photo By Chris Baer

Thirty Footer on the Encampment.
Photo by Cris Baer

The north shore is definitely one of my favorite places that I have kayaked so far and am excited to go back next year. These are only a couple of the many runs to do.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Finally Started a Blog

Hey All, Hanging out in CO taking it easy today and decided to start my own blog.

Just got my new boats from Fluid and got them all outfitted and set to go.

Planning on heading home to WI next week Thursday to start working and and kayaking back in the Midwest

Plans for the remainder of the time here are to run Big South tomorrow, and then make my way back to Salida for a final few days of playboating (water levels should be Great!).

Once I am home and have more time I will be adding all the pics form the road trip on here.

See you all soon :)